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Agnes Instructions

Agnes Solitaire is played with a single deck, and at the beginning the player is dealt cards into 7 columns, starting with one card in the frist column and seven cards in the seventh column. A card is then dealt into the first foundation position. This card dealt into the foundation represents the card value that all the foundations must be started at. For example, if the first card dealt into the foundations is the Ten of Hearts, then the first card that must be placed into each of the other three empty foundations must also be a Ten. To win in our example, the player must build up each foundation from the starting value of Ten, until he wrapps around from King to Ace and builds up from Ace to 9 in each foundation.

The player may build down each of the columns, from King to Ace alternating colors. The player may also wrap from Ace to King while building down these columns. When the player gets stuck, he can deal seven cards at a time from the stock pile into the seven reserve piles located at the bottom of the game screen.

Play Agnes Solitaire

Agnes Solitaire